The Memorial Garden


Our home is the beautiful and historic Village of Pinehurst, located in the Sandhills of North Carolina. Known as the home of American golf and the longleaf pine ecosystem, its temperate climate makes gardening a popular activity.

Beautifying Our Community

GardenClub memebers at work at the Village planting.

Beautifying Our Gardens

Members take pride in beautifying their gardens.

Supporting Fellow Gardeners

We fund a full scholarship for a horticultural student at Sandhills Community College.

Summer in the Garden

Hummingbirds are voracious feeders, especially when they are getting ready for the long trek to their winter grounds. Make sure your feeders are available and change the solution frequently during the hot weather.

Plant of the Month

           Purple passion vine
The purple passion vine is an interesting plant with an intriguing-looking flower. Bees love them and can actually get drunk on their nectar. Hummers like them as well. If you want to grow one it is best to keep it in a container because it can be invasive.

Question of the Month

Can You Identify This Interesting Critter?
Actually, it’s not so interesting. The spotted lanternfly is an invasive species that is doing a number on  some agricultural crops and trees. Click here for more information.


Tues., March 1, 10:00-Noon – Pruning Talk & Demonstration
Moore Cnty. Cooperative Extension Agent Savanah Laur will discuss the dos and don’ts of pruning and provide guidance on pruning techniques. Sandhills Community College

Fri., March 25, 1:00-3:00 -Container Gardening
Hilarie Blevins will present new ideas and techniques for container gardening. Sandhills Community College

Fri., April 8, 11:00-1:00 – Hydrangea Painting Class
Paint on a framed 16×20 screen to creat a lovely textured hydrangea floral design. Supplies will be furnished. Members $70, nonmembers $75. Sandhills Community College

Sat., Apr. 9, 9:00-Noon – Sandhills Hort. Soc. Spring Plant Sale
Perennials, woody plants, bulbs. Homer Parking Lot, Sandhills Community College

Sat., Apr. 19, 11:00-Noon – The Importance of Soil Testing
Deborah Branson, Master Gardener and farmer, will speak about soil testing and how we can make our soil more productive. Sandhills Community College

Garden Tours

Sat., Apr. 9 – Southern Pines Garden Club  Home and Garden Tour. Tickets available soon

The North Carolina Extension Service Pollinator Paradise Demonstration Garden in Pittsboro is open for touring. Virtual tours are also available. Click here for more information.