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 Please explore the rest of our website. We are expanding it with additional gardening information, upcoming local garden-related events and places of interest to visit. Check out the May 2023 issue of “Our State” magazine for an article on North Carolina garden clubs. The gardens of two of our members are featured there. 

***We welcome donation requests in support of local horticultural-related beautification and education  projects. To submit a grant request click here.***

Our Club Activities


Our home is the beautiful and historic Village of Pinehurst, located in the Sandhills of North Carolina. Known as the home of American golf and the longleaf pine ecosystem, its temperate climate makes gardening a popular activity.

Beautifying Our Community

The Magnolia Branch cleaning up around the new bench donated to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Pinehurst Garden Club.

Beautifying Our Gardens

Members take pride in beautifying their gardens. Hanging baskets make a striking addition to any garden .

Supporting Fellow Gardeners

We fund a full scholarship for a horticultural student at Sandhills Community College. This year we funded two.

Winter in the Garden

The hollies that are so common in the Sandhills region are loaded with more than the usual amount of berries this year. 
Robins love the berries and are feasting on them right now.
Cedar waxwings love the berries too and you may see them feasting as they pass through during migration. They stay a short time and are a treat to see. Look for the “bandit” mask  to identify them.

Plant of the Month

If your looking for something that blooms during the winter, look no further than the hellebore. Also called Christmas Rose or Lenten Rose, it comes in many colors, is easy to grow and not a favorite of deer. Click here for more information. 

Question of the Month

Should I be protecting my winter garden against deer?
You need to protect certain plants against deer damage if you want them to bloom in the spring. Azaleas bloom on old wood, with next spring’s flowers developing on buds that formed during the summer. Certain hydrangeas also bloom on old wood. Deer foraging during winter months damage the buds, leaving a spring with few or no flowers.

Upcoming Events/Lectures/Workshops

Caring for Houseplants & Succulents
February, February 16th 
10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Join Alex Wiseman and Teri Blades from ACE Hardware as they demonstrate how to care for houseplants and succulents. They will also share “Insider Tips” about the expanded ACE Garden Center and greenhouse. Space will be limited to thirty people.
**This workshop is full

Garden Tours

Monthly Garden Tour: Love Your Gardens
Thursday, February 8th at 10:00 a.m.
Tour the Sandhills Horticultural Gardens with a docent to see what there is to “love” in our gardens in this winter month. Will we find unexpected vistas, be surprised by emerging bulbs and winter blooming shrubs? Come explore and see the Gardens just before they fully wake for spring. Tour size limited to 15. *Rain date February 15th

Click here to register.

Pollinator Paradise
Friday, February 23rd

A pollinator paradise is a paradise for all, not only bees and other insects, but also butterflies and hummingbirds. Pollinators are responsible for the diversity of flowers, plants and food crops that we take for granted every day. Debbie Roos, Cooperative Extension Agent in Chatham County, will share design and planting principles to help us create our own pollinator paradise. Debbie will also give a virtual tour of the pollinator garden in Pittsboro which features more than 200 unique species, 85 percent of which are native to North Carolina. 
PLEASE NOTE: There is no registration for this workshop and it is on a first come basis.