Sandhills Community College Annual Scholarship

Each year the Pinehurst Garden Club sponsors a full scholarship for a worthy second year Landscape Gardening Program student at Sandhills Community College. The scholarship covers tuition, books and field trips. These students often go on to fulfilling careers, becoming successful business people in gardening and landscaping. Many remain in the Moore County area. Below are some of our recent recipients. Click here to view a video about the Landscape Gardening Program.

2021-2022 Scholarship Recipient

Melissa Hunt

Melissa is our current scholarship student. Her lifelong love of gardening, instilled during childhood, has led her to making a midlife career change. We are happy to help make that happen.

Past Scholarship Students

Thomas Bardroff - 2019

Thomas is currently employed at Moore Farms in Lake City, SC

Susannah Held - 2018

Susannah is currently employed at Guilford Garden Center in Greensboro, NC

Larry Wike - 2015

Larry owns a landscape maintenance business

Joey Kennedy - 2014

Joey owns a hydroponic vegetable nursery


Shawn Beavers - 2013

Shawn owns a landscape maintenance business

Nicholas St. Sauveur - 2012

Nicholas is employed by Wolf Tree Service  in Tennessee