We would like to thank all of our customers who made the 2022 Plant Sale a success!

We hope your plants are doing well and that we will see you again next year!

***Information regarding the 2023 Plant Sale will be posted here in late January

Our plants are happily growing in the greenhouses at Green Haven, tended carefully and lovingly by Matt and his staff. We scheduled pick-up/day-of-sale several weeks later this year in order to give the plants additional protected growing time. It will also lessen the chance of a late frost impacting the plants once you get them in the ground. These photos were taken the last week of February.

Ordering Information

The plant list and pre-order form are included below. We are offering a nice selection of annuals and several perennials for pre-order,  discounted from prices on the day-of-sale. The pre-order deadline is April 15. Orders can be submitted to any garden club member or sent to the seller listed on the order form. Pick-up is at Green Haven Plant Farm on Sunday, April 24 between 9 am and 3 pm. Directions to Green Haven are included below.

Other annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees and vegetable plants are available for purchase so come prepared to look around and to explore the greenhouses. Other gardening products are also available. The garden club will benefit from any pre-order and day-of-sale purchases. Master Gardener Volunteers will be available to answer questions, recommend plants and provide information on how to care for your plants.

Tricolor Mandevilla

The tricolor mandevilla is our signature plant. Each 2 gallon pot contains a red, pink and white plant. They are striking when all plants are in full bloom. One plant may begin blooming before the others so be patient. For information on how to care for your plant, click here.

2022 Plant Sale Offerings

2022 Plant Sale Order Form

Plants require 6 – 8 hours of full sun for optimal results. Both are suitable for container planting.

New Sun Loving Plants


One of the best container plants for hot, sunny spots, angelonia produces beautiful spikes of white flowers all summer long and are sometimes referred to as summer snapdragons because they produce a profusion of lowers that resemble small snapdragons. It is a stron performer in containers as well as landscape beds and borders. Most angelonia varieties grow between 12 and 18 inches tall and do not need deadheading to produce a continuous display of blossoms.

Fan Flower

Even if you’re a seasoned gardener, you may have never heard of fan flower (Scaevola aemula). Native to Australia, this fabulous sun lover is becoming a favorite in U.S. gardens and containers because of its ability to bloom tirelessly even during the dog days of summer. From Spring well into Fall, fanflower puts on a perpetual display of delicate flowers with tiny petals arranged in a fanlike pattern, giving the flowers a wonderfully exotic look. Fan flower is tough and easy going and will continue to bloom even when neglected.

Shade Loving Plant


This low-maintenance flowering annual plant thrives and blooms in the shade and tolerates the hear and humidity of summer. It does not need deadheading, it puts up with drought and it will also grow in some sun. Customers havd had the best luck with this plant in less than 4 hours of direct sun.

Directions to Green Haven – From the Big Traffic Circle in Pinehurst, take Hwy 15-501 North to Hwy 22 (about 8 miles). Turn right on Hwy 22 and go about 0.5 miles. Green Haven is on your left. Follow the driveway all the way to the green houses in back. Direction signs will be out on Hwy 15-501 and Hwy 22.