Life in the Garden

The Village of Pinehurst is located in the Sandhills area of central North Carolina. It’s often referred to as North Carolina’s “central park.” In fact, the Village center was designed by noted landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead, who designed New York’s Central Park. As its name suggests, the Sandhills area is predominately sandy soil and is part of the long-leaf pine ecosystem. 

You’ll see a wide variety of garden styles in the area. They include cottage gardens, formal manicured landscapes, tropical gardens with palms and banana trees but more natural landscapes prevail. The natural landscapes are heavily pined and substitute pine straw in place of grass and are the easiest to maintain.

Pinehurst is a cosmopolitan village with residents who migrated here from all over the country and the world. When they relocate here, they often want to bring their favorite plants from “back home” along. Plants that do well in northern parts of the country and areas with rich loamy soil usually struggle in the heat and need more moisture than the sandy soil can maintain. Additionally, the sandy soil is very acidic with a pH, around 4.5 and needs to be limed in order to support most plants. Growing “back home” plants can be done but may take additional work.

Although you’ll see many styles of gardens here, it’s important to do research before you just plop a plant in the ground, expecting it to grow the way it did “back home.” Check out the Garden Resources, Plant Tips and Seasons in the Garden sections to learn how to successfully establish and maintain your garden.