Gardening Resources

A multitude of resources are available to put gardeners on the path to success in designing and maintaining an attractive landscape. That beautiful yard down the street didn’t just happen, it was carefully planned and often requires a good deal of time and effort to maintain. Considering the cost in time and money to accomplish the desired look, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the resources available to make success more easily achievable. 

You can find a great many websites that claim to be the ultimate source of information on a particular subject. Like anything on the internet you need to be careful with accepting any information as legitimate. And, while information may be accurate for one area of the country, it may not work for another. Cooperative Extension websites are a dependable source of information but remember that information from one in Michigan or Oregon may not be applicable here in North Carolina. Even within the state there are different climates, soil types and ecosystems so evaluate any recommendations accordingly. Other expert websites are available but remember to question what you find and look for other resources that can confirm any information that they provide.

Check out the resources listed below, you’ll find information on just about any subject that may interest you.

Moore County NCSU Cooperative Extension ServiceLocal Moore County information for gardeners, farmers, and consumers available here. 

Extension Gardener Handbook – Includes anything and everything you could possibly want to know about gardening in North Carolina. Click here

The Plant ToolboxThis is an invaluable resource developed by the North Carolina Extension Service that contains invaluable information on over 4,000 plants that grow in and around North Carolina. Find a plant that fits your location and find out how to take care of it. To access the Toolbox, click here.

Landscape DesignDesign is one of the more difficult aspects of planning a garden. For information, click here.

Going Native – Native plant finder. Find them here.

InsectsWho’s eating your plants and what you can do about them. Find information here.

Weeds – Conquering them before they take over your garden. Identify them here.

Soil Testing – The first thing to do before planting a garden. “How-to” here.

Shrubs – How to care for them here.

Trees – Big, small and in-between. Find out what kind you have and how to care for them here.

NC State Extension Publications and Fact SheetsFind anything you want here.

Gardening in Deer CountryWhat to do about those cute critters that can destroy your garden. Find out here.